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Bringing Home the Catch
Children’s Adventures
Blue Vase
Flowers and Still Life
Sunset 1
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Annapolis is an exciting place to live because you never know just who will sail into port next. As a working artist, represented by a downtown art gallery, I never could predict who would “connect” with my paintings but was always especially thrilled if it was someone I personally knew.

Annapolis is a small enough city that when a big star comes to town, everyone knows....though I personally rarely ever see them, we all “know” they are there.

Now, imagine being in the gallery when John Travolta comes in to purchase a few paintings for his new yacht? Everyone assumed he would be purchasing sail boat paintings.

He entered through the back door, shook hands, thanked the owner for going out of her way to keep the gallery open for him and was every bit as nice as I had read he was. I concentrated on my task at hand.... and tried not to stumble, drool or break into a "disco dance" and totally embarrass everyone in the room. It wasn't easy!

He quickly perused the paintings and said the ones he was interested in were actually still in the front window. Imagine my surprise when he selected three paintings of young kids from the window. He remarked that they reminded him of his children when they were younger. I tried to maintain composure when I said, "Could we please have a photograph taken together?" He remarked that he didn't look great and usually didn't pose for singular photos. "But, I'm the artist!" I said. "I'm so glad to know that," he remarked. "In that case, from artist to artist, we will definitely have a photograph taken."

Fortunately, I just happened to have my camera in my pocket. So enjoy....and have a great day. I'm still "Stay'n Alive in Gallery 1683. Jane Ferguson

Jane and John at the gallery

These are the paintings John selected for his yacht. They reminded him of his kids.

Picking Wildflowers

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